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Here is the link to the website for the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards rule-making proceeding. The schedule is now online.


Now that the staff workshops have started, this is the perfect time to provide your input and help guide these standards!

pdf 2017 YICC membership application (258 KB)

Will Crew and the City of Modesto has graciously offered their information regarding the new ordinance needed for EV Charging Stations.  These documents will be helpfully when the smaller jurisdictions need to pass their ordinances next year.

document AB 1236 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Permitting Ordinance Draft Formatted (93 KB)

document EV Commercial Submittal Requirements (386 KB)

document EV Res Submittal Requirements (163 KB)

document CC EV Charging Stations (2.29 MB)

image EV Diagram (48 KB)

document Sire Revisions to Agenda Report (744 KB)


Residential Building Inspection - Training Guide

Paperback, 90 Pages
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This is a book designed to help the beginning Residential Building Inspector perform routine residential building inspections. The information included in this book will provide step by step procedures needed when performing the required inspections of most newly constructed single family dwellings. A complete checklist of code requirements for each individual inspection and situation would be difficult to convey; the procedures included in this book will help the trainee focus on what they should be looking for during individual inspections throughout the construction process of a single family dwelling. Also included in this book are general overviews of basic inspections commonly associated with existing houses.

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